Welcome to Kukkola Farm

Kukkola Farm is a historical family farm which has played an important role in the history of both
Joensuu region, North Karelia and Finland. The farm is currently owned by The North Karelia
Agricultural Foundation, and it has become a very versatile place, offering knowledge and
experiences to various focus groups from children to the elderly.

The statesman and dean Antti Kukkonen lived on the farm, and you can learn about his and his
family’s history in the Antti Kukkonen Home Museum, which is in the main building of the farm.
Opposite the main building, in the old stone cowshed, you can find the restaurant BBQ Karelia, the
stable Kypsät tammat and the working space of sculptor Tarja Malinen. A beautiful sample garden
by Joensuun Martat is situated in front of the main building.

The animals in Kukkola interest especially families with children, and you can find horses, sheep,
goats and chickens on the farm. Near the farmyard are also situated both the memorial of Antti
Kukkonen, The Room of Stillness, and the arboretum which is named after him, Antti’s Arboretum.


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The Room of Stillness

The Sample Garden

Antti's Arboretum

Antti Kukkonen home museum

BBQ Karelia

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The animals in Kukkola

Stable Kypsät tammat

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Behind the arboretum, in the thick spruce forest, you can find a hut, which groups can book and use. Near the hut is the forest theatre where the nativity scene is performed during Christmastime. Rehabilitative work activities are also organized in Kukkola and their premises can be found behind the Arboretum.

Rehabilitative work activities

The Forest theatre

Visit us by yourself or with a group

Kukkola Farm is a historically, culturally and scenically important sight right at the outskirts of Joensuu. Kukkola Farm is administered by The North Karelia Agricultural Foundation.

Visitors can walk freely on the farmyard, in the sample garden and in Antti’s Arboretum. Antti Kukkonen Home Museum is open from mid-June to mid-August from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and a museum guide is also helping visitors during the summer months.

During other times you can book a tour of the museum and the Room of Stillness (phone number 045 111 3675). The hut can be reserved by calling the 4H organization in Joensuu (phone number 040 731 9701).


Kukkolan tilalla voi järjestää erilaisia tilaisuuksia. Tarjoamme myös kahvitukset ym. tarpeen mukaan räätälöitynä. Ravintola BBQ Karelia palvelee.

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