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The Room of Stillness

Hiljainen Huone ulkoa

Antti Kukkonen Memorial

The memorial for dean Antti Kukkonen – the Room of Stillness – was built between 2000-2001. The walls are made of rubble stones from the previous farm cowshed, the timber is from pines from forests belonging to the farm and the roof is made of wood shingles. The roof was renewed and tarred in the summer of 2021.

The floor is made of upright logs. The four-leaved clover painted on the floor represents the four areas of life that were important to Antti Kukkonen: national education and democracy, family and home region, farming and forestry.

The iron bars in the windows remind of the responsibility Antti Kukkonen bore as a minister during the war, the war-responsibility trials that followed and the imprisonment that he faced as a scapegoat for our nation.


A place for quietude

The Room of Stillness is meant for quietude and contemplation. It was built in order to respect Antti Kukkonen’s meritorious lifework for his native country and home region.

The memorial was designed by the building architect Valvikki Kansikas-Tähtinen and built by The North Karelia Agricultural Foundation. Numerous communities and private persons supported the building project financially.


Laidunalueen laidalla

Taustalla Antin arboretum

Antin Arboretumin ympäröimä

Kulje Katrin metsäpolkua pitkin, puulajipuiston läpi.

Hiljentymisen paikka


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